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• Army ManTech FY20 Brochure - November 2019

• DEVCOM Soldier Center employee receives Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award

• Army introduces Weld Automation for Ground Vehicles

• Army's ManTech program advances Nanoscale Materials manufacturing

• Army Smart Machining Solution to drive down cost, deliver better weapons to Soldiers!

• Army introduces weld automation for ground vehicles

• PICATINNY wins DoD Award!

• A Green Machine Success

• RAMBO Premiere

• Army explores 3-D printing's future applications for Soldiers

•  USAMMDA Seeks Refresh of Adenovirus Vaccine

•  Army R&D leaders share priorities at manufacturing conference

• Army ManTech enables development of Solid State Active Denial Technology

• Army ManTech participates in VISTA showcase of infrared technology advancements

• Defense AT&L Magazine - Advanced Manufacturing Special Issue

• RDECOM, DLA sign additive-manufacturing agreement

• Army ManTech program helps pave way for industry innovation

• Army ManTech shelter insulation used in Navy arctic exercise

• Digital Manufacturing Institute matures U.S industrial base

• Army Scientist advise on futuristic fabrics textiles

• Army researchers collaborate with industry on next generation ceramics

• Army ManTech Success: over 100,000 ECHs and 2 million body armor inserts fielded to the U.S. Armed Forces

• Army ManTech Ballistic Ground Vehicle Hull Highlighted at AUSA

• Secretary of Defense Announces Flexible Electronics Institute

• DoD Announces Award of New Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley

• FACT SHEET: Vice President Biden Announces New Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Innovation Hub in Rochester, New York

• New Body Armor to Lighten Soldier Load

ARL "Advanced Body Armor" Receives Defense ManTech Achievement Award - Dec 2013

Vertical Flight Society announces "2013 Harry T. Jensen" award - Aug 14, 2013

• Army leads nation in push to digital manufacturing - July 5, 2013

• Army MTConnect Challenge to harness private sector innovation

Army ManTech Program bridges gap between lab and Soldier

• Program bridges gap between lab and Soldier - Feb 2013

• Army to print guns, grenades, and more with new 3D system - Feb 11, 2013

• NSRDEC Female Body Armor Design - Sep 12, 2012

• AMRDEC Team earns Defense Manufacturing Excellence Award - Nov, 2012

• ARL WM Research Directive (New Tech for Better Helmets) - May 12, 2012

• "Obama Administration Announces New Public-Private Partnership
to Support Manufacturing Innovation, Encourage Investment in America"

• ManTech Program Enables New Manufacturing Processes for Ballistic Protection - May 2012

• TARDEC Battery Team Recognized with 2010 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award

• Army ManTech wins the 2009 ManTech Achievement Award for Low Cost Manufacturing of Materials
for Improved Warfighter Protection


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