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Macrocell Receiver Conversion for Millimeter Wave (mmW) (MaRCm)

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Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) require digital processing to provide timely and accurate Situational Awareness (SA) and Countermeasure (CM) against advanced radar technology. Due to the need of sampling at the Nyquist Rate of the highest threat frequency in the millimeter wave (mmW) range, current digital processing must be increased. Improved manufacturing for low loss mmW frequency block conversion is a cost effective solution that maximizes the utility of existing digital receivers without the need for complete system redesign or replacement.


• Threat Study identified additional threats beyond standard threats
• Critical Design Review is complete & program is expected to meet or exceed system requirements
• Planned submission of initial design for the 1st production run by early 4th quarter FY16
• Leveraging lessons learned from other programs and industry is advancing simplicity of design
• Industry partners are using Internal Research and Development (IRAD) based on MaRCm requirements to advance their systems and processes


• Enables process technologies for producing macrocells with package isolation and increasing receiver sensitivity
• Reduces size of mmW detection capability, which enables integration into aircraft and all other equipment requiring mmW detection
• Increases reliability by reducing module complexity
• Reduces manufacturing and test cycle time
• Reduces cost of mmW module
• Adds additional mmW threat identification capability
• Reduces size, weight, and power of overall system

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• Develop production processes for millimeter wave (mmW) device technologies for Radio Frequency (RF) threat warning improvements to the air platforms
• MaRCm can be used for any application where small, inexpensive millimeter wave (mmW) detection to identify a system is required

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