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The Army Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program’s mission is to provide affordable and timely manufacturing solutions that address the highest priority needs of the Army. The Army ManTech Program supports transition of manufacturing technologies and affordable technical capabilities to the Warfighter. The program accomplishes this through demonstration of effective, efficient and adaptable processes and encourages strong internal and external partnerships.



The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology DASA(R&T) has overall responsibility for the Army ManTech Program. Within this office, system portfolio directors provide oversight and coordination of ManTech consistent with Science and Technology (S&T) portfolio areas.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Command Center (CCDC) Headquaters, a subordinate command of the Army Futures Command (AFC), has been further designated as the Army’s ManTech Program Manager. The Enterprise Programs office within CCDC Headquarters performs this function and provides direction to the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Centers (CCDCs) and the Army Research Laboratory (ARL). ManTech managers in these organizations are responsible for coordination with project managers for the execution of individual projects. This structure allows the Army to take advantage of system level technical expertise by maintaining close contact with both the acquisition managers and the corresponding technology managers. This approach ensures a balanced portfolio aligned with CCDC Headquaters Strategic Plan and application of systems engineering during projects to promote effective project planning and execution.

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