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Automation of Rotorblade Erosion Coating application
(Completion Date: August 2013)
Low Cost Zinc Sulfide Missile Dome Manufacturing
(Completion Date: July 2012)
Embedded Sensor Processes for Aviation Composite Structures
(Completion Date: August 2012)
Low Cost Rotorcraft Cabin Floor Structure
(Completion Date: August 2012)
Manufacturing Technology for Affordable and Reliable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) Propulsion
(Completion Date: November 2013)
Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Manufacturing and Machining Process
(Completion Date: Sep 2013)


Grenade Initiation Module (GIM)
(Completion Date: September 2011)
Improved Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) for Insensitive Munitions (IM)
(Completion Date: March 2013)
Cost Reduction of Solventless Propellants
(Completion Date: April 2013)
Laser Ignition Manufacturing Technology
(Completion Date: Sep 2011)


Advanced Munition Warhead Manufacturing Improvements
(Completion Date: Sep 2016)
Guided Missile Antenna Manufacturing
(Completion Date: Sep 2014)
IMX-104 Manufacturing Process Optimization
(Completion Date: Sep 2013)



Improved Chemical Heating
(Completion Date: Feb 2013)
Enabling Hybridized Manufacturing Processes for Lightweight Body Armor
(Completion Date: Sep 2014)
Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems for Extended Mission Capabilities
(Completion Date: Sep 2016)
Permethrin Treated Fabrics
(Completion Date: Sep 2014)


Color 1280 x 1024 Micro-Display Manufacturing Technology
(Completion Date: Dec 2010)
Large Affordable Substrates
(Completion Date: Sep 2012)
High Operating Temperature and Multi-Band Focal Plane Arrays
(Completion Date: Sep 2014)
Low Light Level Sensor
(Completion Date: Sep 2014)

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