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Completion as of 2007


Low Cost, High G, High Accuracy, MEMS IMU Coordinated Development and Manufacturing Effort for Common Guidance

(Completion Date: October 2007)
FCS Durable Gun Barrels and Armaments Manufacturing Technologies
(Completion Date: February 2007)

Completion as of 2006

Dual Band Focal Plane Array Manufacturing
(Completion Date: December 2006)

Completion as of 2005

ManTech for Military Lasers Manufacturing Technology Objective
(Completion Date: September 2005)

Completion as of 2004

IR Cooled and Uncooled Staring Sensors
(Completion Date: October 2004)
Power Transfer Systems Manufacturing Chemical Isotropic Super Finishing Processes
(Completion Date: September 2004)
Knowledge & Process Tools for Manufacturing of Affordable Composites – Ground Vehicles Systems and Common Technologies
(Completion Date: January 2004)

Completion as of 2003

Uniform Cannon Tube Profile Verification Program (PVP)
(Completion Date: September 2003)

Completion as of 2002

Printed Wiring Board Manufacturing Center Laser Projection Imaging For High-Volume Production
Completion Date: December 2002)
Printed Wiring Board Manufacturing Technology Center-Power Chip-On-Board
(Completion Date: December 2002)
Low Cost Phased Arrays
(Completion Date: June 2002)
Conformal Optics Manufacturing Technology Objective
(Completion Date: May 2002)

Completion as of 2001

Eyesafe Monoblock Microlaser Manufacturing
(Completion Date: December 2001)

Munitions Manufacturing - Development of Manufacturing Technology for MACS Combustible Case
(Completion Date: December 2001)
OMAC API Development Activities under TIME
(Completion Date: December 2001)
Flexible Manufacturing Environment for Millimeter Wave Transceivers
(Completion Date: September 2001)
Manufacturing Processes for Integration of Electro-Optics and Conductors into Textiles
(Completion Date: September 2001)
Seam Sealing Technology Manufacturing Processes
(Completion Date: September 2001)
Automated Tuning of Microwave Filters
(Completion Date: June 2001)
Knowledge and Process Tools for Manufacturing of Affordable Composites- Rotary Wing Structures Technology Demonstration Program (RWSTD)
(Completion Date: June 2001)
Enhanced Manufacturing Processes for Body Armor Materials
(Completion Date: May 2001)
Advanced Munitions Technology Transfer via TIME
(Completion Date: February 2001)

Completion as of 2000,1999,1998,1997

TIME Integrated Product Realization Process
(Completion Date: December 2000)
Sustainment of Army Systems
Completion Date: September 2000)
Advanced Optics Manufacturing
(Completion Date: May 2000)
Manufacturing Technology for Decontamination Enzymes
(Completion Date: September 1999)
Engergetic Materials Technology
(Completion Date: September 1999)
Integrated Composites Manufacturing
(Completion Date: 1998)
Reliability Assessment Process Improvement Demonstration (RAPID)
(Completion Date: 1997)

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