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Soldier Power Operations Without Energy Resupply (SPOWER)

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Improve manufacturing processes for high efficiency, lightweight and foldable solar panel production in order to reduce unit cost with greater throughput production. Increased availability will be realized with a US Source to supply Soldiers with a wearable Soldier Power Generator (SPG) to meet Small Unit Power Key Performance Parameter (KPP).


• Reducing monocrystalline Silicon solar panel costs from $15/W to $5/W
• Reducing monocrystalline Silicon defect rates from 30% to 5%.
• Objective goal of 500W solar panel at less than 6lbs.
• Pursuing improvements to current manufacturing methods to reduce labor intensive operations with high scrap rates, waste, and minimal quality control


• Reduce Soldier loads and their reliance on logistic resupply, and allows for extended mission durations
• Conversion of batch operations to continuous process automation will be achieved resulting in greater substrate throughput
• Augments Soldier Net Zero for power resupply
• Bridge Small Unit Power Capability Development Document (SUP CDD) capability gap
• Increased manufacturing volume and reduced waste and costs
• Technology applies to all services
• 67% reduction in solar panel cost vs today’s prices

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• Results will transition to Project Manager Soldier Warrior Programs of Record, Universal Battery Charger and Small Unit Power
• Manufacturing throughput improvements will be implemented through Small Unit Power Fielding efforts for Soldiers at the program’s completion (1777 systems/Brigade)

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