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Pop-Up BioInsulation

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To reduce fuel and logistics costs by fielding lighter, more compact thermal liners with high R-value, a measurement of thermal resistance. The new insulation uses multiple layers of air cells that can be collapsed during packing by 10x. Warwick Mills is improving manufacturing and machining processes to increase production rates of this novel system, moving from a manual to an inline roll-to-roll production, thereby decreasing manufacturing costs.


• Improved R-value of insulation material to 5.7 on production samples in panel testing
• Demonstrated pre-pilot equipment capabilities and ran pilot production
• Further accelerated Thermal-Liner production by introducing in-line pilot lamination of cellular insulation layers, increasing productivity
• Increased Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) from MRL 4 to MRL 6
• Successfully designed and fabricated eight complete fullscale prototype thermal liners
• Conducted testing on full-scale prototype liners in both hot and cold weather to evaluate thermal liners
• Succeeded goal of greater than R-Value 5 installed in shelter, and achieve greater than R-Value 7 using production material


• System has fire-retardant integrated intrinsically within the material
• Dramatically improves the acoustics of the shelter, providing a better environment for the Soldier
• Reduced attachment system for easier installation, and no new attachment points required on shelter itself
• Reduced panel count for insulation system by increasing panel size, resulting in fewer item count, less assembly steps and improved logistics
• Significant reduction in Environmental Control Units (ECU) fuel requirement reduces logistical burden for basecamps
• Reduced volume from 100 ft^3 to 40 ft^3
• Increased fuel savings by 1.7 gallons/day in moderate temperatures (40º F outside) maintaining shelter inside at 70º F compared to current fielded insulation

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