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Adenovirus Types 4 & 7 Vaccine - Cost and Risk Reduction



Adenoviruses are common causes of respiratory illness as experienced during recruit basic training. Modernization of the Adenovirus type 4 and type 7 vaccine will be achieved by testing two vaccine prototypes (A and B) and determining which approach results in cost and risk reduction while maintaining excellent vaccine performance. The ManTech supported prototype B will utilize spray drying in place of lyophilization (freeze drying) to reduce the time and energy required to produce vaccine, and in addition both Adenovirus type 4 and type 7 will be filled into a single capsule whereas they are currently supplied as separate tablets. The biological activity of the two viruses will be closely monitored to ensure that the activity of one is not affected by the other in the single capsule format. As a culmination of testing, a clinical study will be performed to assess prototype B performance.


• Initiate development of process for spray drying
• Initiate development of process for dual-type encapsulation
• Initiate development of method to analyze the biological activity of both viruses in one capsule


• Spray drying will reduce production time
• Encapsulation of both virus types into one capsule will decrease the cost and logistical impact of vaccine containers by 50%
• Vaccination protects recruits against Febrile Respiratory Illness and thereby minimizes the loss of training time and use of health care resources

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• Prototype B will either be selected for further development at acquisition Milestone B or introduced as a post-licensure manufacturing improvement
• Modernization will help assure availability of Adenovirus Vaccine for use by all military services

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