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III-V Dual-Band Infrared Focal Plane Arrays (IRFPA)

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Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) capability allows U.S. Warfighters to “own the night” with increased lethality and survivability. With FLIR, Soldiers can perform reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition in day/night/battlefield conditions. They can overmatch the adversary, identifying targets that lie beyond the opponent’s detection range capability. This ManTech effort enhances the production readiness of commercially based, low-cost, high-yield infrared focal plane arrays (IR FPAs) that can be used for FLIR. The project will optimize commercial epitaxial growth foundry capabilities, improve fabrication processes, increase yield, reduce costs, and improve lot performance. Doing so will greatly increase advanced IR FPA production readiness and affordability for the Warfighter.


• Demonstrated growth of dual-band III-V material on large area GaSb substrates thereby increasing material production throughput
• Achieved high IR FPA operability and fabrication yield per wafer
• Performed accelerated lifetime testing, in which IR FPAs exhibited no degradation
• Successfully fabricated dual-band detectors with epoxy wicking for enhanced IR FPA robustness
• Successfully tested dual-band camera sensors in a relevant environment


• Establishes the manufacturing processes for affordable production-ready, high-yield, dual-band III-V materialbased IRFPAs
   – High material growth and fabrication yields lead to low cost
   – Use of commercial Domestic industry base is an advantage over current technology
• Enables low-cost sensor upgrades for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) systems that have the capability to search, identify and track mobile targets in all day/night visibility and battlefield conditions
• Provides wide-area coverage with sufficient resolution for situational awareness in complex threat environments, persistent surveillance, and plume/gunflash detection

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• 3rd Gen Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) B-Kit (PM-Terrestrial Sensors)
• Benefits other existing and future military sensor systems

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