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Weight Sensitive Armor Protection (WSAP) for Future Threats

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Army combat vehicles are exceeding their design weights due to protection requirements for the changing and growing threat environment on the battlefield. In order to mitigate these threats and at the same time remain weight neutral or decrease weight, novel manufacturing approaches are required. One significant opportunity to reduce weight is to lighten applique armor with a new generation of technology based on a hybrid solution of ceramics and composites.


• Through thickness reinforced (TTR) woven composite panels have been produced for a number of threat levels and potential vehicle applications.
• TTR panels have been produced for applique applications on combat vehicles. These panels have been mounted on surrogate vehicle structure and tested against objective threats with promising results.


• Improved ballistic performance as manufactured
• Reduced environmental degradation over time
• Lower lifecycle cost
• Lower manufacturing cost
• More automated process for consistent reliability
• Lower weight

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• TTR solutions have been tested in accordance with the requirements for Stryker, JLTV, and CVP.



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