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Advanced Munitions Warhead Manufacturing Improvements / Advanced Tungsten Manufacturing Improvements

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Develop an improved Tungsten manufacturing processes for Kinetic Energy penetrators.


• Applied novel manufacturing techniques for Tungsten sintered and melted baseline processes and characterized material properties
• Automated Tungsten melt process for reducing cost of kinetic energy penetrator manufacturing
• Achieved metrics goal by providing a 200% diameter increase over baseline
• Achieved metrics goal by finish machining medium caliber prototype penetrator profile
• Validated structural integrity and target performance with medium caliber subscale testing


• Reduces Industrial Base single point failure risk
• Provides novel, validated and automated Tungsten manufacturing processes for potential application to production of medium and large caliber kinetic energy penetrators

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• Large & Medium Caliber Kinetic Energy Cartridges for M1 Tank and M2 Bradley rounds



POC: Army ManTech Manager, U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM), Aviation Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), Manufacturing Science & Technology Division, ATTN: RDMR-SEM, 5400 Fowler Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000

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