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AH-64 Composite Sump

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Manufacture a light weight main transmission Composite Sump for the AH-64 Apache to replace the metal EV31A-T6 magnesium alloy sand cast sump. The current sump’s complex part geometry, thin-wall construction, and magnesium material represent a challenging sand casting. The cast magnesium sump experiences a high manufacturing rejection rate and heat transfer/corrosion issues. Advanced Resin Transfer Mold (RTM) compounds, wear resistant materials, tooling concepts and cooling methods will be applied to the manufacturing process to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce component costs and weight.


• Project is in its planning phase, including preparation of subtier supplier statement of works and related procurement activities. The planning tasks support the evaluation of materials for the composite sump system application, addressing wear resistance, thermal conductivity, fill molding compounds, elimination of corrosion and support of repair techniques. Additionally, a major effort is focused on evaluation of various tooling techniques that include incorporation of integral heating and cooling methods for reduction in processing manufacturing steps and cycle time, supporting overall fabrication cost per program goals.


• Improved reliability via improved wear resistance, enhanced structural integrity and mechanical properties, and corrosion elimination
• Supports 3400 (E model) and future 3850 HP engines
• Reduced manufacturing cost by 14%
• Reduced component weight by 31%
• Reduced manufacturing processing steps by 31%
• Reduced manufacturing cycle time by 45%
• Reduce parts count by 24%

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• The proposed light weight composite sump will transition to the AH-64 E production, along with applicable technology transfer for the Block I and II legacy sumps and CH-47 Cargo; transitions to Apache PM for production (Lot 8, AH-64E) in 1Q FY19.



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