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Additive Manufacturing Energetics and Electronics

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To develop a flexible and agile common fuze manufacturing process utilizing 2D and 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies as applied to energetic materials with integrated electronics for fuze and munition applications (Focus on 40mm Medium Caliber Fuze).


• Improved both formulated and deposited producible explosive ink systems. Improved quality, increased drying time, and improved particle suspension of explosive ink systems. These processes being transitioned to industry for further optimization.
• Three Phase Conductive ink material deposition qualification work plan developed and being implemented — currently on phase III
• Processes, equipment designs, and tooling requirements for the 2D/3D printing of explosives that are compatible with electronics fab processes for munitions applications identified
• Capability to produce multiple fuze components on a single production line at a single location for improved quality, reliability, and safety (reducing hands on operations) identified


• Flexible production lines for munitions Load, Assemble, and Pack that can accommodate multiple products without major changes in line tooling
• Reduced National Technology Industrial Base (NTIB) footprint & logistics for Ammo Load Assemble and Pack (LAP)
• Facilitates future capability for mobile “Ammo-on-Demand” fab in theater
• Provides portability of operation alternative
• Capability to rapidly and efficiently prototype advanced design of fuze components
• Reduction of lifecycle costs of future Army capabilities
• Improved performance for 40 mm Family of Grenades
• Transitions to high priority munitions items within PEO Ammo in strategic plan

Transition and Weapon Systems / Secondary Items Impacted

• Capability to produce 2D and 3D advanced integrated fuzing for 40mm Grenades and Applicable to Next Gen Multi-option fuzes Artillery (MOFA) and Mortar (MOFM)
• Transitions to high priority munitions items within PEO Ammo strategic plan

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